Think of it as an Airbnb for digital billboards.


An indie approach to a familiar medium.​

Before Caruzel, there were agencies, middle-men and salespersons. Now, there is just you and the boards. You can post anytime where you want, all by yourself. And replace it for free. Plus, any space or website can independently start their own board and become a board host. After all, we are in the D.I.Y. era.

Choose your board, book your time and post.

It’s as easy as it sounds. You can just pick your digital board, choose your days and upload your greatly designed post, videos or gifs, right from your computer or phone. You can even book one single day.

Eye catching, community friendly.

Catch your audience´s eyes with a cool animated visual post and spread your message. Caruzel is finally a viable alternative to static billboards, mingled flyers or even display ads on websites.

Anyone can post. Wherever and whenever.

Anyone can publish his own content in any board, anytime, from anywhere. Caruzel is not restricted to businesses, nor to a maximum number of posts per board. It’s an open system.

What is Caruzel.

Caruzel is an open network of digital displays in local venues (co-working spaces, cafes, hotels, etc..) or websites where anyone can independently publish a visual post (a video or image) via internet, for the time they choose.

A simple formula.

Users pay accordingly to the publication time on any boards they choose. Each running post gets an exposure of 7 seconds in loop. The price is set by the space who gets 60% of that amount, while 10% is donated to local projects who fight climate change.

Who are the users.

There are two types of users: posters and board hosts. The formers can be anyone such as companies, professionals or individuals, while the latters are spaces, like coworkings or cafes or websites, like blogs, that host the physical screen or the embedded slider, called board.

Do It Yourself.

Caruzel is meant to directly connect posters and board hosts. Anyone can place a visual post on any board, independently, anytime he wants. It’s open to everyone.

The mechanism.

Caruzel automatically creates slideshows running users’ visual-posts on virtual boards representing physical displays in the spaces or embedded on websites.

The format.

We believe that the portrait layout (9:16) fits better in venues as of space and design. Users can upload files with the most common visual media extensions (.mp4, .mov, .jpg. .png, .gif, .webp).

Furthermore, posters can submit a link and a written caption together with to their visual post to engage with viewers offline and online.

The platform.

Caruzel stands as a common web platform for both posters and board hosts: posters can publish and manage their visual posts while, on the other hand, board hosts can switch boards to full-screen to run their slideshows live on their real digital displays.

It´s your choice.

Posters can choose with ease, selecting the spaces for their audience, for a better exposure to the right viewers, on the right days.

We believe in fair play.

The Caruzel platform and its community share a vision of reciprocal agreement of honesty and courtesy: posters will not publish offensive, unsuitable or obscene contents and board hosts will ensure their boards are active, exclusive and running everyday.

In fact, if a poster publishes some unsuitable content, the board hosts can cancel it; if a board host doesn´t run their boards correctly, it gets bad rating and reviews, with consequently diminishing posts.

Furthermore, we stand for the common good: while posters can promote their message, we donate part of the every booking cost to local environmental organizazions.

We value creativity and meaningful content.

Creativity, design and a meaninful message are key to attract viewers’ interest. In fact, users can like your posts so you know what´s working.

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