Choose your board, book your time and upload.​

It’s as easy as it sounds. You can pick your digital board choose your days and upload your greatly designed post, videos or animated GIFs, right from your computer or phone. You can even book one single day.

An indie approach to a familiar media.​

Before Caruzel, there were agencies, middle-men and salespersons. Now, there is just you and the boards. You can post anytime where you want, all by yourself. And replace it for free. Also, any space can independently start their own board. After all, we are in the D.I.Y. era.

Anyone can post. Wherever and whenever.

Anyone can publish his own content, anywhere, anytime, from anywhere. Caruzel is not restricted to businesses, nor to a maximum number of posts per board. It’s an open system.

Eye catching, community-based.

Catch your community eyes with a cool animated visual post and spread your message. A digital board is finally a viable alternative to static billboards or mingled flyers.

What is Caruzel.

Caruzel is an open network of digital displays in local venues (co-working spaces, cafes, etc..) or websites where anyone can independently publish a visual post (image file or animated gif) using this web-site, according to the time-range they choose.

The mechanism.

Caruzel automatically creates slideshows running users’ visual-posts on virtual boards representing physical displays in the venues or embedded on websites. Caruzel stands as a common web platform for both users and venues or website administrators: on the one hand, users can post and manage their visual posts; on the other hand, board owners can simply embed the slider on their website or switch to full-screen in oder to run their slideshows live on their real digital displays.

It’s a simple formula.

Users pay accordingly to the publication time on any boards they choose. Each running visual-post gets an exposure of 10 seconds. The price is set by the venue or site administrator who gets 80% of that amount via PayPal.

A tool for venues and web admins, a medium for users.

Caruzel gives local users a new independent opportunity to spread their voice with a full management over their public posts and it helps venues or site admins to easily set up a profit tool by letting themselves, people, readers, customers, suppliers, local businesses, event managers etc. simply post on their board via web.

Linked through.

Every visual post on a public digital board in a venue or embedded on a website can have its own deep link for viewers to click or tap through and being redirected to the any page of users’ choice.

Replace in a click.

Already scheduled visual posts can be replaced by the user at anytime, even during its up time, as well as its submitted link.

We believe in taste and creativity

We want to enable users to show their best design and creativity, while promoting their visual posts. Great design and creativity is also the key to attract viewers’ interest.

We believe in fair play.

The Caruzel platform and its community share a vision of reciprocal agreement of honesty and courtesy: users will not publish offensive, unsuitable or obscene contents and venues or website administrators will ensure their boards are active and non-stop running everyday.

Indeed, if a user publishes some unsuitable content, the venue or site admin can delete it; if a venue or site admin do not run their boards correctly, he gets bad rating and negative reviews from users, with consequent diminishing posts.

Following the rules is not only a matter of contractual terms: it is a basilar foundation for both users and venues to benefit from Caruzel.

Key-statement: Do It Yourself.

Caruzel is meant to directly connect users and venues or websites. Anyone can place a visual-post on any board, independently, anytime he wants.

It’s open to everyone.

Caruzel is just for anyone who wants to share a message within his local-community such as local businesses, professionals, businesses, events…, Anytime, anywhere you want, comfortably from his computer. Get inspired here.

The format.

We believe that the portrait layout fits better in venues as of space and design and it’s more mobile-device friendly. Each post is shown for 5 seconds in a loop, although online boards are free to swipe.

It´s your choice.

Users can choose with ease, selecting the venues or websites for their audience, with a better exposure to the right viewers, on the right days. You can also replace your visual post for free as many times as you want, playing with your campaign creativity.

Feedback for users.

Caruzel provides a review and rating system with comments to inform users on the “quality” of every board in terms of operation, visibility and size.