Feature rich.

Media library

Upload and manage your visual post files so you can use them on any board without having to upload a file every time you post.

Editable link

You not only can replace the file of your posts, but also edit their link if you need to, at anytime.

Automatic acceptance

When you post, although spaces can always check-review, your visual post is automatically booked and accepted.

No posting limitations

You can simply post as many times as you want on any board, without limitations. Boards are open to an infinite number of posts.

Custom post links

Together with your post, you can submit a url link to redirect interested viewers to any specific webpage.
Like a ‘swipe up’.

Bookmark your favourites

You can bookmark your favourite or usual boards to quickly access them when you want to schedule and publish a new visual post.

Profile pic and name on posts

Every live post will embed the poster´s profile picture and name, for a friendlier social feeling and to inform viewers about its author.

Refund system

For poster´s serendipity, we implemented a refund policy whenever a booking is cancelled by a board host or space.

Freely browsable (no account needed)

Caruzel boards are public online and offline and freely browsable by anyone, even without a an account.

Search by location or type

You can look where boards are on a map, or filter them by type.

Rating and reviews

Users can bookmark, rate and review every space and their boards to help other users decide when and where to book their posts.

Email notifications

When a post is booked, cancelled or updated, posters and spaces will receive email notifications.

Wallet system

Spaces can check each of their board´s earnings in their dashboard. They are calculated daily and withdrawable  anytime.

Check-out all at once (soon)

If a user wants to post multiple times or on different boards, he has the convenience of put all his bookings to the cart and pay them all at once.

Post likes

Logged in users can like posts. Likes are related to the content itself and that means that poster can see which content is performing better.


No more middle-men or agencies for your message in public.
You can do it yourself.

Photo by Silvio Kundt on Unsplash

Online, on location.

Boards are online freely browsable carousels also playing on digital screens in real spaces to maximise the visibility of visual posts.

Replaceable posts.

Users can replace their visual posts and links anytime. Even when they are already live. For free.​

Embeddable boards.

Embed your any board on your website if you like and present posts from your favourite space online. too.

Visual post management.

Filter by status, edit title or link and check every visual post information like publishing time, board and paid price.

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