Use the potential of your space.

We believe in the power of local spaces and niche websites to offer their communities an easy, fair and profitable way to spread visual messages.

Get paid to offer exposure.

You set the price and keep 50% of every bookings transaction.

Short videos on your screen.
The indie way.​

Allowing people, events or businesses to autonomously post short videos on your digital display in your space or on your  website is effortless, profitable and fair.

Place your monitor and get started.

Choose a spot, place a monitor and connect it to the internet.
It’s all you need, to start your board on Caruzel.

Even faster if it´s only on your website.

Choose an area where to embed your board on your  website. Done.

Check posts and earnings from your dashboard.

See and manage all bookings on your boards and withdraw your earnings whenever you want.

A cleaner alternative.

Caruzel helps you clean your space up from free flyers, posters or stickers, with less paper-waste and earning money while doing it.

Not much to do, unless you want to.​

While we perform moderation for content, posts are automatically booked for you not to worry about revising every booking.

Use it freely for your own content.

Publishing on your own board is free, so even if you don't have many bookings, you can always use it for your communications.

You curate the posts on your board.​

You have the freedom to cancel posts, even live ones, if you consider them inappropriate for your space and community.

Get a fair share for your board hosting.

For every transaction users make to post on your board, you earn 50% of it, while 20% will buy carbon offsets to fight climate change. Let´s say, you get an average of 15 daily visual posts at 2€/day: it´s 450€ a month per board. And you can just scale up from there, by changing your price or adding more boards.