Setting up your Caruzel board couldn't be easier.

This is all you need:


Screen on portrait mode





Welcome to the first DIY open network for localized digital billboards in private-public spaces. You don´t need any special technical skill or equipment to get started.  After you set up the monitor, you can call it  “board”.

A board is a digital screen dedicated to exclusively operate your Caruzel flow.


Any modern average flat computer monitor will do. But if you want to give your posters a better experience, we suggest at least Full HD resolution and 32” inches. We do not recommend smart TV screens because they don´t have standard internet browsers.


Choose a suitable spot in your space: it could be the entrance or the waiting room, behind the bar or at the window… The more visible the better.


Now you need to connect your monitor to the internet. It is usually done through a computer. For this purpose, we suggest a small basic PC-stick that you can plug into the HDMI port of your monitor.


Normally, PC-sticks assume that your monitor orientation is landscape (16:9): we have to change that default orientation and set it to portrait mode (9:16). It is usually done in the Operative System monitor settings.

Register your board.

Create your Caruzel account. After that, you can “Add a board”. Fill out the form with your board´s info and photos. Once approved, you will be able to receive your visual post bookings.

How to use it.

Open your internet browser from the connected monitor and log in to Caruzel: from your Dashboard,  you can reach your board´s page. Once there, toggle to full screen on the upper-right corner of the player.

The routine.

People who will post on your board rely on your board effectiveness, which means its visibility and daily exclusive operation. Remember to have it on all the time and refresh the flow every day.


Besides email notifications for every new booking, you can see and manage your board´s posts from your dashboard and check or withdraw your earnings.

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