Your visual posts on public screens.
The indie way.

Post short videos on public screens in local spaces for just 2€ a day.



How it works

1. Choose Board

Explore your city and pick the board in the space you want to post.

2. Book and Upload

Choose how many days you want your visual post to be live and upload it.

3. Live on location

Get exposure in your community on an eye-catching digital display.

Digital billboards are not just for the big fishes.

Having your visual post on a public digital screen should not be complicated. Nor expensive. Nor intermediated. We offer an easy, open, affordable alternative to get your message out there.

Join our beta. Get free credit.

Be notified when Caruzel launches and get free credits to post.

Spread locally

Spread your message locally.

Share your video post in co-workings, cafes or small businesses to the eyes of your community or neighborhood, through a friendly online platform.

An open digital board network in your area.

For events, apps, art, stories, shops, food, services, music, blogs, movies, etc...

Are you a co-working space?

We are looking for spaces who want to test our beta version and earn from posts.

Choose your board, book your time and upload.

It’s as easy as it sounds. You can pick your digital board choose your days and upload your greatly designed post, videos or animated GIFs, right from your computer or phone. You can even book one single day.

An indie approach to a familiar media.

Before Caruzel, there were agencies, middle-men and salespersons. Now, there is just you and the boards. You can post anytime where you want, all by yourself. And replace it for free. Also, any space can independently start their own board. After all, we are in the D.I.Y. era.

Anyone can post. Wherever and whenever.

Anyone can publish his own content, anywhere, anytime, from anywhere. Caruzel is not restricted to businesses, nor to a maximum number of posts per board. It’s an open system.

Eye catching, community-based.

Catch your community eyes with a cool animated visual post and spread your message. A digital board is finally a viable alternative to static billboards or mingled flyers.

Shareable and embedable.

Share your favourite board or even embed it on your website if you like, to further support your favourite space.

Some Features

Public: online and on location.

Boards are online embeddable carousels also playing on real digital screens in spaces to maximise the visibility of visual posts.

Custom post links.

Together with your post, you can submit a url link to redirect interested viewers to any specific webpage. Like a 'swipe up'.

Replaceable posts.

Users can replace their visual posts and links anytime. Even when they are already live. For free.

Shared revenue.

80% of every booking´s transaction goes to the space. We believe in fair revenue sharing with local spaces for hosting Caruzel boards.


No more middle-men or agencies to have your visual post in public. You can do it by yourself. With control over time, location and replaceability.

Rating and reviews.

Users can bookmark, rate and review every space and their boards. This helps other users to decide when and where placing their visual posts.